Will Digital Marketing solve my Business problems ?

As the title reads , there might be doubts for few businesses whether the Online Marketing will suit my kind of Business. I have tried to cover few basics in answering to that question. So much of Buzz going on out there

In today’s world . Many businesses have more or less understood that something big is happening in digital space. They are witnessing the change but hesitant (understandably so) to understand or onboard the digital wagon.

Does my Business really need a Social Media presence ?

Will Digital Marketing or Internet presence will cost too much money ?

Where to start and how to start ?

Well… These are just few that I could think of

Understanding some basics might help your cause

Everyone is not your customer — Seth Godin

1) Start with WHY

Simon Sinek in his famous Golden Circle covers the basics

Very few people know WHY they do what they do.
The Why is not about making money — that’s a result. The Why is a purpose, cause or belief.
Your Why is the very reason you exist. So ask yourself Why you need Online presence ? .Why you need Digital Marketing ?

2) Ask HOW

Some people know How they do it.
These are the things you do that make you/your business special or set you apart from your competitors. Post understanding the Why, identify How we shall complement the ‘Why’ and how the Business can leverage on its existing strength. It’s not necessarily recreating everything from the scratch. Try using your existing materials and see how those can be reused in digital arena.

3) Now, WHAT

This is the products you sell or services you offer. Post identifying how you are going to take your product/service to the Market, list down what are all the activities that will take you to accomplish your goal.


Who is your Client ?

Where are they ?

What resonates with them ?

How to Engage them ?

In which Social Media platform are they in ?

How your Business can provide Value ?

Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing is just isn’t an advertising platform. It’s a platform where if you provide value, good content and makes your clients or prospects come again and again looking for your updates or posts or activities, they would love to be connected with you. And the more they are connected with you, you can scale up your Business in multiple ways

Everything starts with the First step. Baby steps are absolutely fine but never get stagnant. It’s fine if you aren’t an early adopter to market your business/brand online but delaying will do no good and isn’t recommended. Yes, Not at all recommended.

Have a Marketing strategy in place. If you need help , hire a trusted Marketing Consultant who could go to the root and identify the exact problem your Business is facing. One who could align your goals to actionable steps. Web is huge and everything what you need is there but don’t get caught up in the Web. Let us be like the spider and not the insect.

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